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WordPress installed into its own SubFolder on GoDaddy

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After various experiments that burned quite a bit of time due to some GoDaddy permissions and domain alias setup bugs and lots of GoDaddy problem denial always telling me to “just wait up to 24 hours” for something that normally happened in seconds, I have verified that it is possible to install WordPress into its own sub folder on a Windows shared hosting grid server. I basically followed  this article http://codex.wordpress.org/Giving_WordPress_Its_Own_Directory with the below caveats. A nice benefit was that the wordpress folder that WordPress is installed into does not display in your URL page and post addresses. The signon URL was the only one that I can remember that displayed the actual relative path with wordpress in the name.

Here are the steps I performed as best as I can remember:

  1. I created a sub folder called wordpress off my root folder to copy the WordPress bits into and used the Hosting Control Center File Manager to give R/W access to the Root and wordpress folders.
  2. There was no need to use the Hosting Control Center to declare a separate IIS7 virtual directory for the wordpress sub folder since your hosting domain points directly to your hosting root folder if you are not using domain aliasing to the sub folder. I tried for a couple days to use domain aliasing and mostly got it to work but had problems I could not get around when I tried to setup permalinks and kept getting pages and posts not found errors. Then again, I’m a .NET programmer and not a php guy and did not have the time to learn php on the spot and had no way to debug it.
  3. I then copied index.php into the root folder and modified it as suggested above as well as leaving it unmodified  in the wordpress folder.
  4. I ran the famous 5 Minute WordPress install typing in the full path http://<My Domain>/wordpress/wp-admin/install.php, logged in and immediately modified the General/Settings for the site URL to reference the wordpress folder and the blog URL address to reference the root folder as the above article suggested.
  5. I created a couple posts and pages to test with and I was done. I logged off and typed in just the domain URL by itself and verified that my posts and pages were all accessible without wordpress showing in the URL path.

I later found out that if you install Arne Brachhold’s Google XML Sitemaps plugin, it will not generate a sitemap without error [at least I could not get it to] unless you set a custom location for the sitemap.xml file and specify the complete path such as D:\Hosting\5363706\html\sitemap.xml rather than using the default relative path. It would only work by default if the site and blog URL values were the same but always gave the error if different unless the full path was set in the custom setting. When I let the plugin use the default path I was getting the following errors:

# There was a problem writing your sitemap file. Make sure the file exists and is writable. Learn more
# There was a problem writing your zipped sitemap file. Make sure the file exists and is writable. Learn more

I also got Permalinks to work just fine. See my other post for http://www.49thlatitude.com/uncategorized/wordpress-permalinks-on-godaddy-windows-shared-hosting.